WOW Hunter Leveling Guide


As a ranged character the Hunter is a deadly marksman who is accurate and deadly. Crossbows and guns are the main weapon used by a Hunter. Using these ranged weapons allows the Hunter to sit back and destroy his enemies, but it also makes him vulnerable to melee attacks.

Hunters can only be a ranged DPS spec, giving them limitations to their abilities. Hunters are granted unique abilities that make them resourceful and helpful. They have the capability to track different kinds of beings throughout World of Warcraft. If you can attack it… you can track it as a Hunter. You also learn how to use traps to your advantage. Whether you are looking to damage or just control your enemies, Hunters have a great deal of options when it comes to traps. They can also fake their own death to prevent dying.

But out of all of their abilities, by far the best is their ability to connect with the beasts in Azeroth. You can turn hostile beasts (and even non hostile ones) into your full time pet. These pets will follow your every command and die fighting for you.

When it comes to gear for a Hunter, you are allowed to wear mail armor. You should never get to close to your enemy because your Mail armor is not strong enough to help protect you (even though you will do better than other long range characters). Like other ranged characters, the gear for Hunters is there to increase your abilities, not protect you (but it does a better job than leather and cloth).

A lot of players enjoy the fact that Hunters can utilize two one handed weapons. Some feel that it gives you an advantage when you have two weapons, adding more stats to your character then a single two handed weapon. After looking into it further, both are essentially equal. The two handed weapons have pretty much the equal stats to two one handed weapons.

With all of the damage that you do as a Hunter you will begin to create a lot of threat. This threat determines who your current target is attacking, which means its better suited for a tank then a DPS character to hold that much threat. Simply use your Misdirect spell to pass your threat to which ever character has the best protection. So if you are leveling it’s a good idea to Misdirect on your pet, or if you are raiding or PvPing, to Misdirect to your tank, just make sure that you don’t accidentally Misdirect on someone else.

With all of the strength that Hunters have with their long range weapons, their short range ones come up a little…short. With a single melee attack, Hunters do not stand a chance against an enemy who gets to close. The weakest part of a Hunter is when an enemy gets too close for ranged attack and too far for melee attack. Avoid allowing your enemies to live in that area. You will want to discover this distance as soon as possible and avoid it. Always remember distance away from your enemies is bette.

We discussed earlier the Hunter’s gift to tame and control the different beast of Azeroth. These pets are much more then fun, cute pets that will follow you around and do nothing else. With customizable talents and attacks, your pet can be a huge advantage in any fight. As long as you feed them regularly, your pet will be an extremely loyal and useful partner.

No matter what you are looking for from your pet (speed, strength, stamina) you will find that there is a type of pet out there that will best serve your needs. Every pet within the game has certain aspects that make them stand out from the other pets. Knowing what you need is key to choosing your pet. You can only have one pet out at a time, but utilizing the stables allows you to have many more pets at your ready. Visit the stable master at any major city to keep your pets ready for you at all times.

Be warned though, your pets also have a leveling restrictions. As you gain experience and levels, so too will your pet. It is best to tame a pet at a similar level to you and then have them level with you. You may find it very difficult to tame a beast that is a higher level then you, so be careful.

As a Hunter you can only be a DPS character so with three talent trees to choose from you have a great deal of freedom when choosing where your talent points go. You can easily customize your talent trees to suit what fits you best. Marksman is the strongest of the three talent builds and will give you incredible accuracy and extremely strong attacks, giving you very high DPS damage numbers.

If you are planning to level a Hunter from the beginning, I suggest using the talent tree Beast Master. This will allow your pet to be much stronger and have more unique attacks. Using your pet as your defense is what you want to do when leveling a Hunter. Have your enemy attack your pet and then you attack your enemy. If you so choose, you can switch talent specs at anytime at your trainer.

With heavy ranged attacks and limited melee attacks, the Hunter is a very unbalanced character. Distance is the key to success when it comes to Hunters. Although their mail armor is helpful, it is not enough to justify melee attacks. One of the biggest reasons you have a pet is to even out your attacks. While you stay at a distance getting range damage, your pet will do all of your melee damage. Make sure you utilize your ability to track enemies, as well as your traps. Both are extremely useful in many different situations.


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