The Truth Behind the Red Hot Sports Handicapper

A sports handicapper is seen as an expert at predicting the results of any sporting match. As a bettor, and with so many sports handicappers out there, just how do you know which handicapper to trust your money with? To draw interest from bettors, sports handicappers pull all sorts of publicity stunts to get noticed.

The ‘red hot’ sports handicapper will promise your easy money if you follow his plays and pay him his asking price. They exaggerate their description for their games, and emerge with different contradictory, therefore confusing rating systems. If you’ve been around, you might have sports handicapper heard some handicapper boast that his “Southern Conference total for this month is 80% lifetime”?

Naturally, to gain approval and sale, these handicappers make their twist and turn their statistics in any direction to make themselves look appealing. Simply put, they outright lie about their performance. In the good old days, there was no Internet to be relied on for fast transmission of information such as score updates. Handicappers back in the day used score phones, which were sponsored by some publicists who ironically weren’t popular for their authenticity. Needless to say, there are a very long wait before the scores were out. In today’s world, statistics and results can be made up and marketed to draw in more business. In this new environment, it is important that you really dig into the providers information to ensure that they are truly who they say they are.

However, even if some handicappers do lie about their performance, many people still give them a hot shot. Not the greatest idea if you ask me, since it doesn’t really help in the evaluation of a handicapper’s abilities. It also doesn’t make use of organized and realistic statistical information that is much needed in making sound judgment, as far as betting is concerned. For more information on how to find those who are legit and those who are not, it pays to complete a thorough background check on the the you are reviewing.

The best tip that is also the easiest to understand is the same thing you hear on the disclaimer portion of a commercial for a mutual fund, and that is “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”. This means that no matter how much these sports handicappers boast of their previous successes, there really is no telling whether they’d be successful of not. Not if this past success is their only measure of their ability.  Be sure to review all information before joining any group or service for sports gambling.

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