SUNGOLD – Best Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel in 2023

Flexible Solar Panels - Pros & Cons and Buying Guide

Sungold monocrystalline flexible solar panels are different from traditional solar panels. Thanks to their extremely durable polymer material, flexible panels are not only thinner but also lighter. Generate electricity and keep your RV, boat, or van’s lines clean with flexible solar panels that can be flush mounted on uneven surfaces!

Its flexible design fits almost any surface and panel and is easy to install. The thin and light design provides a more aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic low profile than traditional rigid solar modules. The solar panels are durable and provide a long-term solution to your solar needs.

Based on a new groundbreaking material composition (ETFE) and equipped with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells, Sungold’s 120-watt LEE Series flexible solar panels are quickly becoming one of the most popular solar panels to date.

Unlike other flexible solar panels, Sungold’s LEE Series uses the same monocrystalline solar cells as professional-grade rigid solar panels. This means that in addition to the maximum flexibility of 15 degrees, the LEE Series remains the most efficient panel on the market with the smallest surface area per watt. This new panel can be installed almost anywhere.


1. Direct bonding to the surface

2. No brackets, no drilling required

3. Solar power where you need it most

The LEE Series solar panels give you maximum power in the smallest of spaces. These panels are more efficient than standard products through their patented back-contact design, providing you with more power in low-light conditions year-round.

Sungold monocrystalline flexible solar panels are ideal for narrow boats and yachts. This panel is the future of solar power! If you want to wholesale solar panels in bulk, Sungold is your best partner.

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