Propane Turkey Fryer Hazards


Fried turkey is delicious, and it’s no surprise that over the past few years, the turkey fryers that are propane have been getting more and more well-known. But what is the price? Every year, a multitude of families suffer a tragedy due to malfunctioning turkey fryers. Propane turkey fryers can be so hazardous that National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has advised against the use of these devices. In the words of the NFPA the hot oil could cause horrific burns and cause destruction to property. It is recommended that the New York Fire Department (NYFD) as well as many firefighters across the United States are against propane fryers.

Consumer groups after consumer groups have expressed their opinion on propane fryers. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) studied the dangers of propane fryers. The study was conducted by Mr. John Drengenberg, an engineer, and the UL Consumer Affairs Manager strongly advises against the use of gas turkey fryers. Dr. Drengenber explains, UL found propane turkey fryers “… not worth the risk. As a result of this, UL has decided not to approve any turkey fryers that bear our dependable UL Mark.” Certain manufacturers reacted with fake “consumer listing mark of approvals” on their unsafe propane fryers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has also issued Air Fryer for Chicken Wings and Fries  warnings concerning gas turkey fryers. Every year, this year, the CPSC is notified of burns to turkey fryers. The CPSC has received reports of more than 100 instances with propane turkey fryers that caused burns. Additionally, Consumer Reports issued a warning about the safety of gas turkey fryers. The video posted on their website graphically illustrates how quickly propane turkey fryers explode violently.

The horrible burns can happen to everyone. Consider Richard for example. Richard was trying to be extra cautious. However, despite all his efforts Richard had severe burns when using the turkey fryer. Richard’s story is similar to the majority of others “The turkey fryer erupted like a volcano”.

The majority of turkey fryers do not have any temperature control, which allows the oil to get too hot and then burst into flames, similar as a volcano eruption. The propane fryers which do include temperature controls, use temperatures that’s poor and insecure. They give consumers the illusion of security. John Drengenberg, from UL, describes propane fryers as an “vertical flame thrower”. The CPSC’s findings show that the majority of incidents reported occur when the oil is heating prior to adding the turkey. The oil is beginning to smoke and overheat, immediately transforms into an “vertical flame thrower.”

Be aware that the propane turkey fryers intended to be used only outdoors generally during the days of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The majority of places in America is likely to experience snow or rain on any holiday, including Christmas. When it comes to turkey fryers the snow or rain can pose a major risk. When snow or rain strikes the hot oil the oil splashes out or transforms into steam, which could result in burns.

If it snows or rains the people are likely to attempt to move the turkey fryer into the area that doesn’t expose the turkey fryer to water. Also, often people will relocate the turkey fryer from a garage or house due to the fear of the risk of igniting the fire. Moving the hot turkey fryer frequently causes tragic consequences. Many people have suffered serious burns when trying to move the turkey fryer that is hot from propane. The oil splashes, or they lose hold onto the handle. And, even more the handle is slid and falls in the boiling oil. This was the case for an Fire Department veteran in California. As he attempted to move the turkey fryer from the water, it fell and tipped over. He fell and slipped in the oil which burned his ankles, arms and back, as well as his face.

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