P35 Bonanza – Why This Is A Great Plane For First Time Buyers

If this is your first time buying a used or new airplane, you’ll want to finish reading this article. How will you be sure that the plane you’ve just spent thousands on will fit all your needs? You want to check and double check yourself and your reasons for flying to insure you don’t get buyers remorse.

An important first question to ask yourself is whether to get a new or used airplane. A common myth associated with aircraft is that used airplanes have been run-down, and are generally less safe. This is not true at all!

In fact insurance companies require annualBONANZAJP safety checkups as part of the terms for getting coverage. Most if not all of the used aircraft you’ll be looking at will meet government safety standards with no problem.

Now comes the decision about which type of used airplane to purchase. Most people get stuck on this point, with the thousands of models and types out there overloading their decision-buying process. No need to stress! All you have to do is confirm exactly what you’ll be using it for, and go from there.

A good first step is to decide how many seats you want. After you’ve decided how many passengers you’ll want to take up in the air with you, you can narrow down the choices pretty dramatically. Now I know buying a used aircraft isn’t as simple as buying a car, there are dozens more factors to take into consideration. The biggest thing you need to make sure of is that its the right one for you.

How long are your trips? Are they over five hundred miles? A thousand miles? In some cases buying a short range plane will save you more money even if you have to stop for refills. short range aircraft are both cheaper then long range, and easier to maintain.

The P35 Bonanza is a short range, easy to maintain aircraft. Priced around $50,000 to $150,000, its one of the cheapest airplanes on the market. The Bonanza series airplanes have earned a reputation as smooth, well handled, and reliable airplanes. Their safety measures are unmatched by most of the rest of the aviation industry.

So you’ll want to make sure its safe to buy, as well. Always consider who your buying from. Make sure that the seller is legal, and has all of the documents and authorizations before you even think about paying a deposit. Make sure to check all the information he has to offer, making sure the flying hours are accurate.



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