Lower Your Scores With Custom Built Golf Clubs

You look out the window and see a nice bright sunny Vclubshop day so you call your golf buddies and meet at the course for a round of golf. You are enjoying the weather and the company of close friends or family but what you are not enjoying is making good golf swings that still produce shots that are off target. You have been playing the same clubs for years and your game has not improved. This situation is what many recreational golfers find themselves in because they have never been properly fit for their clubs. All the big chain stores sell brand name clubs but the stores receive them already assembled so all the customer has to choose from are clubs that are built to a standard size. Buying golf clubs is like buying shoes. First you pick the shoes you want then the sales person will measure your feet to get the correct size. People don’t buy shoes that don’t fit properly so why buy golf clubs that don’t fit.

The majority of golfers are playing with clubs that have not been custom fit for their swing. Many factors come in to play when custom fitting a player for golf clubs. First is the person’s height. Most people over 6′ tall are playing with golf clubs that are too short for them. This causes many problems like topping the ball or hitting the ball thin. It also causes poor habits when setting up to the ball. Playing with clubs that are too short will cause the golfer to bend over too far and result in poor posture. Trying to swing the golf club properly and on plain is virtually impossible from a bad set up position. The opposite effect can happen with golf clubs that are too Vclubshop long. Playing with golf clubs that are too long will cause fat or chunky shots, and will cause the player trying many different things to compensate for the extra length of the club like gripping down on the club or standing with a more upright posture. All of this can be avoided with golf clubs that are fit to the proper length for the golfer. With a couple simple measurements a golf club maker can determine the proper length for your golf clubs. Having properly sized grips, and proper shaft flex are also very key factors in a golf club fitting. The correct grip size can have a significant impact on the golfers ability to return the clubface to a square position at impact. The golf shaft flexes throughout the golf swing until squarely meeting the ball at impact. The shafts flex influences things like trajectory, accuracy, distance and consistency. An incorrect shaft flex reduces the opportunity for making solid contact with the ball.

A Golf Magazine poll on custom golf clubs revealed:

• 78% of golfers who had custom fit clubs improved their game
• 33% of golfers who had custom fit clubs cut 5 strokes or more from their game
• 49% of golfers with custom fit golf equipment shaved 3-4 strokes off their game
• 15% of golfers with custom fit clubs knocked 2 strokes from their game.

TD Golf Discount carries only the highest quality brands like Maltby and Snake Eyes and at discount prices. Purchasing custom made clubs at a discount price does not mean that you have to settle for inferior quality. The majority of the clubs we play, brand name or other, are all manufactured in Asia, and the same materials are used to make all brands including brand names, clones, and other brands like Maltby and Snake Eyes. The brand names Vclubshop pay big money to professionals to use their clubs and do their commercials. In the end it is the consumer that ultimately pays for the endorsements and expensive commercials. 70% of the price of retail clubs goes to pay for advertising and R&D. We all want the feeling that when we purchase golf equipment we are getting quality clubs at a discount price. With purchasing discount custom made golf clubs you could save $400 or more on a set of Irons or $100 to $200 on Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Wedges and Putters.

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