How to Call Her and Make Her Like You – 3 Phone Attraction Tips You Must Know

A lot of guys think of themselves as a success whenever they get a girl’s number. However, it would be highly essential to realize that getting a phone number doesn’t really mean very much. It would mean far more, in you actually make use of that phone number and give the girl a call. Dates are never set in stone merely because a girl gave you her phone number.

It would also be important to realize that girls may have only given you their numbers because it was appropriate at the time; they might never have expected you to actually call them up and might not even be interested in you – or remember you. So, if you wish to call a girl up and ask her out, you may need the following techniques mentioned call girls in lahore here to succeed.

How To Call Her And Make Her Like You – 3 Phone Attraction Tips You Must Know

Technique 1: Inject Some Humor. When you talk to a girl for the first time over the phone, you need to be humorous. Girls love getting amused; plus, it would help to relax them up a bit by making them laugh somehow.

Also, it would be smart to ensure that you think about what to say before actually calling a girl up. However, this doesn’t mean that you should think too much; otherwise, your conversations will merely seem unnatural and rehearsed – not a good thing.

Technique 2: Tell Stories. Think up some interesting stories that girls are usually fond of. The twist is to make an excuse before the story ends and tell her that she has to meet you if she wants to find out the ending. Leaving conversational cliffhangers will keep up the anticipation levels and make girls want to go out with you more.

Technique 3: Hypnotize Her. If you want, you may also try out the deceptive technique of fractionation, which involves hypnotic conversation to make girls think about you all the time and chase you for more. This technique actually has the power to make stalkers out of girls, so make sure that you only use it with the utmost care.

The fractionation tactic comes in a two-part formula which can be used by any man irregardless of how much experience he has with women. Also, you do not need to know anything about hypnosis at all so don’t worry! The first step in the formula involves making her feel happy by asking her about things which made her feel especially joyful. The second step is the opposite – get her to talk about the stuff which makes her sad.

This rapid change in emotions will make her relive a small “soap opera” in her life – and at the same time you will be able to make her feel that she has emotionally invested a lot in you (despite just meeting you 15 minutes ago!). This little “mind hack” is not hard to use – but the formula is definitely effective.


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