Group Texting vs. Email: Which One is Better for Your Business Communication?

In the past few decades, email campaigns have been the standard form of digital marketing. However, many small businesses are now harnessing the speed and accessibility of group text messages to reach their audiences. Both email and text-based marketing have their pros and cons. Here are some key differences between the two strategies and the best scenarios for using each type.

What is Group Texting

In its simplest form, group texting entails sending the same citibet horse racing review text to more than one recipient at the same time. When applied as a marketing strategy, you may see it as “SMS marketing.” These days, the average consumer always keeps their phone on hand, so group texting can be a very effective way to connect with a targeted audience at any time of day.

Benefits of Group Texting

Between online ads, billboards, podcast commercials, and website pop-ups, people are constantly being marketed from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. With this in mind, group texting can be a great way to cut through the static and deliver your message directly to the customer. By utilizing a worldwide cell phone network, you can send a text straight to your customer’s pocket in seconds, without Wi-Fi, and with an increased likelihood of a response. In addition, consumers are 10-15% more likely to open text messages than traditional email messages, making it an easy way to boost engagement.

Texting is also concise but effective. Typically, texts have an upper limit on the number of characters that can be contained in each message. This forces businesses to refine their texts to keep them focused and to the point. For the receiver, reading a concise message eliminates some of the mental steps required to engage, which shortens the leap from the initial opening of the message to the call to action.

When to Use Group Texting

Considering the benefits,  is best for urgent notifications, reminders, coupon codes, or limited-time offers. It’s also useful for instances requiring two-way communication between the sender and receiver.

What is Email Marketing

Similar to group texting, email marketing involves a single email blast that’s sent to the inboxes of multiple email addresses. In most cases, the business procures the email addresses via sign-up form, which is then used for digital marketing purposes. For example, a bakery that offers a free cookie if you sign up for their mailing list will turn around and use the list as part of their sales funnel, ultimately driving more sales.

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