Golf Inventions That Have Changed the Game

The world of golf has seen a lot of changes evolving from a simple outing to an analytical and tactical masterpiece. Most of these changes have been initiated by inventions that have revolutionized the way the game is played. From altering the club head to creating novel tees to patenting an infrastructure for that perfect swing, golf inventions have come a long way.

Here are some of the most interesting inventions that have taken golf as a pastime sport to an elevated level of professionalism and continued gadgetry.

Golf Ball Launcher

A lot of people, especially the elderly do not play golf due to muscular or limb inoperability or weakness in the same. The golf launcher takes the game to a whole new level as you can use the shotgun-like launcher and the allied 12v mini-hand-pump with ease. Now you only have to have your logistics right as you aim to hit the hole in the best trajectory possible.


The 1999 Nike ad that had Tiger Woods dribbling a ball on the head of his club for what seemed to be an eternity, has in fact led to another invention in golf. An 18-inch string with an attachable plastic clip for the club hosel, nothing now can stop you from becoming a professional dribbler with this invention.

Green (Solar) Golf Buggy

Touted the Best New Product of the year 2009 at Professional Golfer’s Association Merchandise Show in Florida, the Green Golf Buggy run by solar panels is one of the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly golf carts invented yet in the professional golfing industry today.

Golf Ball Lifting Apparatus reviews of InventHelp

Preventing golfers from back strain or unnecessary stress, the golf-ball lifting apparatus is a simple golf ball carriage that can be inserted into a golf hole (without digging or scraping around). When a ball falls into the cup, the carriage automatically ascends to a pre-determined height and allows the golfer to take the ball, eliminating the need to bend down.

Light-Emitting Ball

How many times have you lost a golf ball while playing in the dark, especially in the dusk? And with the escalating prices of golf balls, this is quite a hazard for professional golfers practicing well after sunset. Therefore, the light-emitting ball, with a light module inserted within and a timer set, the ball can never get lost even in the darkest of conditions.

Low-Error Golf Balls

The shallow dimples of a golf ball are not to make it look good but have a lot to do with performance. The dimples help the ball get struck better and also allow it to cover more distance by streamlining the air flow around. However, as recent studies have suggested that grooves in the golf balls can help the performance become sharper, the latest golf ball to do the rounds in the professional golfing market is the grooved golf ball, developed in the Seoul National University, Korea. reviews of InventHelp

Swing Thoughts Wristband

Although more of a luxury than a necessity, the swing thoughts wristband is supposed to help the golfer focus on the swing rather than anything else through content matter on it.

Golf Swing Muscle Strengthener

The golf swing muscle strengthener is a large apparatus, modeled to help the professional golfer master the swing before hitting the ball. Designed such that the muscles used in swinging the golf club is strengthened and fine tuned to perfection, the apparatus contains a swing arm assembly based on a platform that has another vertical apparatus offering resistance. For those who think that a stronger arm might help them perform better in golf, this is the invention to try out.



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