Lee is the first human to ever set foot on Mars, and he’s also the first to draw a smiley face on Mars soil too, because he’s pretty much going mad after his only crewmate died during the landing. The first death of many in this episode, we later learn.

Back on Mars, things only get worse when we learn that Kelly’s blood pressure is way too high this far into the pregnancy. According to Dimitri, her baby needs to be delivered prematurely asap if they both have any chance of surviving. The problem is that all of the equipment they need for this is up in orbit on Phoenix. You can watch free movies and also you can download seasons like for all mankind season 3 episode 1on 4khotvideo.

When Aleida later confronts Margo on this, revealing her own betrayal, Margo isn’t angry. She understands why Aleida did what she had to do. But there’s no time to talk things through because of Kelly’s emergency on Mars. This unspoken tension will likely come to haunt them both very soon…Meanwhile, Karen clashes against a mentor of sorts too when she tells Dev that she’s taking over the Helios company as CEO. “What this company needs right now is a steady hand,” the former Mrs Baldwin is told, and goddamnit, she’s right!

“This is about as tricky as flying gets,” Molly warned, but Kelly and the baby make it in what’s one of the most beautiful, majestic moments ever seen on this show. Visually, it’s quite literally out of this world, and it’s also deeply moving as well.

Throughout, we wait for something to go wrong, because that’s what always happens with these death-defying space missions, but it turns out that we’re finally owed a happy ending, it seems… Well, for about 10 seconds, at least.

To the tune of Margo’s melancholic piano, we see not just Kelly’s rescue, but also something far darker.

After playing around with terrorists all season, Danny The Twat’s™ younger brother Jimmy ends up triggering a bomb that blows the Johnson Space Centre apart, killing hundreds, as we later hear in a news report.

We would say this trademarked “twat” behaviour runs in the family, but we would have died for their parents, Tracy and Gordo, had they not already died for us in season two.

That doesn’t bode well, unless the loss of good people like Karen and Molly ends up rallying the American public, inspiring more fervour than ever for the space race.In the aftermath of all this, Ed and Danielle force Danny The Twat™ to live alone in the Korean outpost on Mars. It seems that no one else up there can bear to even look at him after discovering the truth behind that drill malfunction.

“It’s what we all decided was for the best,” says Danielle alongside a broken Ed. “Someone will bring you more supplies every month.”

At this point, Danny The Twat™ seems to accept all this willingly, but it remains to be seen whether the stress of isolation will strengthen him, or destroy any morality he had left completely.

It’s not all bad news though. Lee Jung-Gil finally connects again with his wife via video call, which must have seemed impossible back when his communications initially broke, leaving him alone up there on Mars.And while we don’t know yet what will become of Ellen’s Presidential career, she has at least found some potential happiness with Pam, an ex who inspired her to come out in the first place.

Hopefully, Ellen’s actions might have also accelerated LGBTQ+ legislation in this timeline, providing us with a glimpse of where our own world could – and should — be.

Sergei, the Russian spy who helped Margo, also has a happy ending of sorts now that he and his family have escaped to America. But there’s no loving reunion with Margo, despite the feelings they share. And the answer to why that might be lies in one final flash-forward to 2003, eight years later, where we encounter an older Margo who’s now living in Russia.


It appears that she’s now defected to avoid the FBI and stay out of prison. Not ideal, we grant you, but this does introduce some thrilling new dynamics for the already confirmed fourth season.

Plus, Britney’s ‘In The Zone’ album came out that year, so it’s not all bad in 2003.

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