Choosing the Best Food Storage for Your Survival Food Supply

Are you building up a survival food supply, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about choosing the best food storage for these items? Food, water and incidentals need to be stored differently so take this into consideration when you start building up your supply. Not only do you need to take into consideration where you are going to store it, you also need to determine which type of containers these items need to be stored in.

When building your survival food supply, you need to take care when putting the items away so the foods do not deteriorate. This would defeat the whole purpose of gathering the foods. When you buy prepared emergency food kits, you will find that most have a shelf life of as much as 25 years. In order for them to last that long though, they must be kept at approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature in your storage area is higher than this, the items will not last as long. Foods stored at 80 degrees Fahrenheit have a shelf life of five years while those stored at 100 degrees Fahrenheit only last for about 15 months. Take this into consideration when choosing the best food storage area in your home.

Another consideration when choosing the best food survival kits food storage area of the home is moisture. Moisture can reduce the quality of the foods you have stored so ensure you do not keep these items close to cellar walls. In areas such as this, temperatures may fluctuate. When this happens, condensation will build up even in those packages which are sealed. It is also recommended that you keep the food containers off of basement floors. Shelves may be used to accomplish this or you may opt to just place bricks or blocks of wood on the floor and place your food items on these.

When choosing the best food storage, attention must be paid to the type of containers which will be used to hold your survival food supply. Mice and rats can destroy your entire supply in very little time. What they do not consume won’t be edible due to the waste products they leave behind. For this reason, you need to store these items in galvanized garbage cans which you have purchased specifically for this purpose. The lids must be kept on these cans at all times also. Building up a food stockpile is a smart thing to do; just take care to store these items properly so you have these items in times of emergency.

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