Attraction Movies Are Revolutionizing Creative Visualization

It has only been in recent years that attraction movies and visualization tools have been having an impact in the lives of many people Dramacool. The wider market however is largely unaware of what they are, and precisely how they operate. With any new technology or new product, there is generally an initial wait and see attitude by the masses before it is generally accepted.

What are attraction movies and what is it that they essentially do? In general terms, they are a personally designed movie package consisting of pictures, images, photos, affirmations and audio that when mixed together, create a very powerful visualization tool and attraction movie experience. It is like having your very own movie that you have developed and produced. The advantage is that you can play it anytime you want to on any number of technological devices.

These attraction movies are based around the universal law of abundance. The incredible success of recent movies in the attraction genre, has seen a resurgence and a renewed focus on the laws of attraction and manifestation techniques. A brief explanation is that the law of attraction brings to you the energy, or the feeling that you are sending out to the world.

It seems many want to over analyze the law of attraction or law of abundance as it is also known. To simplify it further, just think of it in terms of like attracting like, or what you put out into the world you get reflected back yo you. It really is as simple as that.

Think about some of the people you know who constantly seem to be either cheerful or unhappy regardless of whatever seems to happen to them in their life. Irrespective of whatever happens to them, their mindset generally seems to stay the same. Behind any attitude or circumstance there is always the energy or vibration that underpins it. For these kinds of individuals, the world is obviously that way because they believe it to be so.

Law of attraction movies and visualization tools are about creating and about the free infinite possibilities that are available in this world for those of us who are receptive to them. Attraction movies and visualization tools provide the opportunities to create and manifest exciting possibilities in life. They enable you to get clear about your goals in life.

Thought will always precede action. Inspiration requires a focused vision and an optimistic feeling about life. Once these things are all brought together, the result is an incredibly powerful visualization tool and attraction movie bundle.

Attraction movies, irrespective of what bundle you choose, are easy to create. Add your personal images, affirmations and soundtrack, and your powerful visualization tool and attraction movie is geared up and ready to go. A rule of thumb is to set the movie duration to around three minutes and then play it either once or twice a day. When it comes to raising your vibration and maximizing your manifestation possibilities, visualization movies are a powerful strategy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Attraction movies can be focused on any area in your life you want to change or improve. Irrespective of whether the focus is on fat loss, a promotion, more wealth, a new partner, or merely a better lifestyle, these technologies are a great strategy towards experiencing those aspirations. The law of attraction is working all around us each and every day of our lives. These technologies provide a solid platform to help you access this energy and to help you to manifest the things and conditions you hope to achieve in your life. Features included in the Windows Movie Maker software family include footage importing, drag-and-drop editing, output into various file types and DVD, and the ability to add an assortment of effects and/or transitions. Up to 49 different effects and 63 kinds of transitions are available to use. Windows Movie Maker uses a non-linear editing system: the original file is not modified, a new file is created instead as you work. This both protects your source material, and allows simultaneous production of multiple different clips from the same original file. Footage can be imported either directly from compatible cameras or from pre-existing compatible file types; completed footage can be exported either as one of a number of file types (depending on the version used), or even directly back to a compatible camera device.

The first version was a free pack-in with Windows Me, although it had not been included with Windows 2000, released the same year. However, the Me version (as well as some later versions) can be transferred to Windows 2000 and can be used with that operating system normally. Version 1. 1 of the software was included with Windows xp, released in 2001. The original version of Windows Movie was considered functionally limited, a “bare bones” application; version 1. 1 added support for DV AVI and WMV file types in addition to the original’s ASF file format. In 2002, version 2. 0 was made available as a free download, updating the Windows xp version with some new features. Another update followed in the Windows xp Service Pack. In 2005, Windows xp Media Center Edition was released, which included version 2. 5 of the software. Version 2. 5 was the first version that enabled the user to burn Dvds.

Windows Vista introduced another update in the form of version 2. 6; adding support for Windows Media Center television recording. In the Premium and/or Ultimate editions of Windows Vista (HD versions), HDV camcorder capture can be utilized, creating DVR-MS files from a digital camcorder source. This was the last version of Windows Movie Maker in its “original” form. Windows 7 introduces Windows Live Movie Maker–a new program more in line with Microsoft’s “Live” market strategy. Even as a completely new program, older Movie Maker files from the previous versions can be imported into the new software. Windows Movie Maker version 2. 6 can also be used in Windows 7, for those that prefer the older functionality.

Windows Live Movie is available for free download to users running the Windows 7 operating system. It is notable that while Windows Movie is versatile and fairly well-reviewed in the PC community, as a free downloadable its features do pale in comparison to software designed for professional use; serious movie buffs will want to consider purchase of the more comprehensive dedicated software available. However, casual users will likely be more comfortable using WMM simpler interface. Based on its lack of a sticker price and its solid assortment of features, Windows Movie Maker is still a valuable tool for video editing and production on Windows-based systems.

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