10 Amazing Ways To Build Your Email List

One of the most vital aspects of internet marketing and affiliate marketing is not only to get traffic to your website but to capture email addresses of visitors in order to promote further offers and promotions in the future. However to do this you need to increase traffic to your website.

There are numerous techniques used to capture email addresses which can include the following:

1) Create unique blog post content. Your blog must have amazing and unique content if you want to seize your readers’ attention and get them to come back again and again, even referring your content for others to read

2) Create and record a YouTube video or webinar, requesting the viewers email addresses as part of their inclusion and registration. Ensure your website address is prominent within the content and at the end of your video stream

3) Offer a free report or eBook in exchange for an email address with an “unsubscribe at any time” option when visitors get to your website. Ensure the report is valuable and quality content in order that the reader wants more information from you, and will also expect this to be quality content

4) Offer referral to a partner or affiliate blog in exchange for email information within a similar niche and adding value to your visitors’ experience and answering their questions

5) Carry out a physical promotion when attending a seminar or event, offering free information in digital format, collecting email addresses to add to your list by handing out business cards or leaflets with information on what a website visitor will benefit from by visiting your blog

6) Create a competition with your current subscribers, offering a gift, for example a free eBook, for the person who obtains and promotes your site to friends, family, work colleagues and so on

7) Create content for a guest blog on another website and add your website link as well as your free report offer linking any articles you have listed, offering the website owner the opportunity to guest blog on your site

8) Add a tag line at the end of every email you send, ever, which includes your website address and a call to action, free report and so on Amazing Posting

9) Promote an affiliate offer with email capture not linked to your niche but referred to in posts as a competitor or direct opposite so that those not interested in your offer may consider alternatives

10) Challenge your blog readers to find information within your blog as part of a treasure hunt or to spot the mistake, offering a free report or similar offer in return for email address

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